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Kosher Shopping & Pantry Stocking

Glatt meat

Regular or Chalav Yisroel dairy

Fresh or frozen goods, regular or organic.

Dry goods and beverages including Kosher wine, and other alcohol.

Kitchen or Dish kashering and toiveling

New item toiveling as well as kashering and toiveling of used items

Dinner & Activity Reservations

Reservations for any of the Valley's kosher restaurants and help planning activities for your family

small appliances and kitchen items

Sandwich makers, dishes, glassware, and utensils (Toiveled upon request). Paper goods such as plates, cups, plastic silverware, foil, and ziplocks

small event planning

Private kosher dinners, help managing small events

All items will be certified Kosher. Any dietary need can be accommodated. 

What my Clients Say

"We had a wonderful experience with 'The Kosher Concierge in Phoenix'. Ricki was so professional and easy to work with! We will definitely be using her again!"

Deb Lichtman, Chicago

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